Automated Warehouses

Tailor-made packaging, storage, and shipping solutions for technologically advanced warehouses.

Our smart bins, totes and boxes are specifically designed and adjusted to your automated warehouse.

Robust, integrated and adapted to the needs of each customer

Designed in partnership with renowned integrators

Trackable, circular and native to automation


about our Automated Warehouses industry

Automated warehouses have reshaped how companies manage logistics. Recently, investment in logistics automation has skyrocketed with the simple aim of boosting productivity and optimizing warehouse automation.

Logistics centers equipped with auto-storage and tracking ensure greater efficiency throughout the supply chain: storage, selection, and transportation process. This allows to minimize warehouse costs arising from errors and ensures safety for both the goods and operation processes.

As an expert in the field, Plasgad develops and manufactures a variety of storing and transportation solutions that are adapted to automatic warehouses. With their customer-focused approach, Plasgad uses advanced technology to construct “quiet”, yet durable packing and storage solutions.

In an online world, Plasgad will help you organize the logistics and storage in an optimal way to enable simple and efficient inventory, selection, packaging, and delivery processes.

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