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We keep it clean – packaging solutions for the pharma industry

The pharmaceutical industry must follow strict safety & sterile standards to ensure the quality of products. Plasgad is committed to preserving the quality of our customers’ products, and its solutions for this industry meet the requirements of the strictest standards.

To ensure the safety & hygienic of goods, we provide sealed crates that minimize the penetration of humidity, pests, dust, and dirt. Our products can easily be rinsed & sterilize, ready for reuse.

They are manufactured from the best raw materials, using advanced manufacturing processes to ensure safety, durability and uncompromising quality.


Free box series – Designed explicitly for distribution

Suited to conveyor belts and automated systems • Tamper evident seals • Crate sizes suited for a convenient hold • Fitting lid (optional)
Available in volumes: 13/19/23/29liters
Dimensions: 490/300mm
Weight: 0.91 -1.3kg






PS Series – The new robust industrial crate series

Exceptionally silent solution / Strong & silent built-in dividers Designed for automatic and mini-load systems
Available in volumes: 32/48 liters
Dimensions: 600/400 mm
Weight: 2.44kg -2.57kg





Logistic Containers – Perfect for picking

ארקלית PSA6540 - קופסה נערמת לאחסון ללא צורך במדפים חזקה במיוחד | פלסגד

Lean structure: Stack containers -no shelves needed – Up to 10 heights stacks
Available in volumes: 36 liters /100 liters
Dimensions: 490X400 mm  / 600X500 mm
Weight: 1.9 kg  / 4.1 kg





Distribution pallet – Hundreds of rounds

Easy to wash and clean  –  Anti-slip (gems/ stripes)  – Racking ability
Available in: 1200X800mm/1200X1000mm
Dynamic load: 1,000kg
Static loads: 3,000kg




The Magnum series –Maximum security for your goods

Solid wall Crates

Long-life reusable container – Integral lids for strength and security – Lock and tamper-evident option – RFID / IML
Available in volumes: 45/60/70 liters
Dimensions: 600/400mm
Weight: 2.7kg/3.0kg/3.4kg





Dolly – Ability to support up to 200kg

High resistance against bending • Designed for heavy loads High resistance to radical temperature
Dimensions: 625X417mm
Weight : 4.98-5.48kg