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Due to the extraordinary situation, we are experiencing with COVID19, we have interviewed Pedro Javier Perez, Plant Manager at Productos Florida. The company, better known for its brands Señor Pollo and Pico de Oro, produces and sells chicken meat in Spain.

We keep it clean – packaging solutions for the pharma industry

The pharmaceutical industry must follow strict safety & sterile standards to ensure the quality of products. Plasgad is committed to preserving the quality of our customers’ products, and its solutions for this industry meet the requirements of the strictest standards.

INFOAGRO EXHIBITION 2019 – A colorful and festive agricultural fair

The Infoagro Exhibition represents the business epicenter for agricultural producers.

Power Pallet instead of wooden pallet

The Rami Levy retail chain started out as a small grocery store. Today, it is the largest retail chain in Israel, whose goal is to provide customers with a broad range of products at the lowest prices in the area where a branch is located.

Revolutionary Packaging Solution Completed by Milopri

Moving Forward - Revolutionary Packaging Solution Completed by Milopri

PG Crates – the ultimate solution for fresh produce imports

Plasgad’s advanced folding crate series; the ultimate solution for lettuce imports By Tali Feingold, International Sales Manager

Caja systems chose the PG series

Caja Systems was founded based on a deep understanding of the world of manual warehouses and an appreciation for the increasing need for intelligent automated systems in advanced warehouse management.