Solid Crates

Protective plastic containers, delivery totes and bins for automated warehouses
Solid, robust and efficient containers that fit any storage, shipping and automation needs.
Impeccable solutions that provide uncompromising protection for your goods, meet all the hygienic requirements and ensure great quality deliveries.

Choose the size and type that best suits your warehouse and process.

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Magnum container 45L

Deliver your goods at their best

Magnum Pro 60L

Storage and delivery pro

Magnum Pro 70L

Store and deliver like a pro

Solid wall container 36

ארגז אחסון מפלסטיק אטום

Solid wall container 97

Solid-wall reinforced plastic containers and crates

Crate PSS6425

A load off your mind

Crate PSS6436

Efficient tote for streamlined logistics

Crate PSS6424

Exceptionally silent solution

Crate PSS6417

Exceptionally silent solid wall containers designed for automatic systems

Logistic Container PSS8632

The perfect fit for your automated warehouse

Logistic Container PSS8642

Smart container for automated warehouse

Sturdy box 5

Takes care of the little ones
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