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Heavy Duty Pallets

Durable, innovative and extremely robust, the Heavy Logistics pallets are ideal for heavy duty processing at automatic warehouses and conveyors. These pallets are designed to withstand a lot of handling cycles and are particularly suitable for racking. The heavy-duty pallets can be easily rinsed and cleaned. On top of that, we offer a variety of branding and tracking options, the safety rim configuration and many additional custom features.

SKU: DA390

Size: 48X40X6 inch

Weight: 42.33 lbs

SKU: DA390

Size: 1200X1000X157 mm

Weight: 16.5 kg

Close Deck Close Deck 3 Skids Close Deck 5 Skids Open Deck Open Deck 3 Skids


Size: 43X43X6 inch

Weight: 35.7 lbs


Size: 1100X1100X157 mm

Weight: 16.2 kg

Pallet with a high racking load capability
Open Deck 3 Skids

SKU: DI955

Size: 47X39X6 inch

Weight: 37.9 lbs

SKU: DI955

Size: 1200X1000X140 mm

Weight: 17.2 kg

Plastic Pallets for beverage packaging and distribution
Open Deck 3 Skids
Open Deck 3 Skids
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