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Everything about Plasgad’s pallets

Plastic pallets play an important role in storage, shipping and delivery processes, so it is essential to chose a pallet that fully meets your requirements.

Everything about Plasgad’s plastic crates

Plastic crates are an excellent alternative to cardboard boxes and wooden crates. They offer many advantages, making them a convenient, efficient and safe solution for packaging, shipping and delivery.

Plastic Vs. Wood and cardboard

In recent years more and more businesses, companies and industries discover the advantages of plastic products compared to cardboard and wood products. 


We offer our customers the opportunity to put their own business branding on crates and pallets, so that branding continuity is maintained throughout the cycle - from the factory to the end client.

Raw Materials

By using high quality raw materials we ensure that your products remain strong and functional in the long term, even under extreme weather conditions or when used massively for air, maritime or land freight.


Tracking and automation solutions benefit everyone. They make shipping quick and efficient. End customers can independently follow every step of the shipping process. The products safely reach their destination on time.