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Clean, sterile & hygienic

These days, maintaining sterility and hygiene is above all! Plasgad offers packaging and transportation solutions that maintain hygiene in an ultimate way.
We gathered for you 7 facts why it’s safer using reusable plastic packaging & transportation solutions Vs. wooden and cardboard solution

  1. Hygienic
    Plastic crates & pallets are an ideal choice for various industries, as they can be easily prepared for reuse by cleaning and disinfecting by rinsing at high temperatures, up to 70°. By contrast, cardboard boxes are characterized by high wear and tear, and they obviously cannot be cleaned or washed, which makes them disposable
  2. Cleaning options and protection against humidity
    Plastic pallets and crates do not absorb humidity and are resistant to dampness. Some plastic products such as our solid wall crates and totes are completely sealed, protecting their contents from any damage that could result from weather conditions, humidity, chemicals, pollutants, etc.
  3. Pests
    Wooden pallet products can become a habitat for insects and pests, so they must undergo strict cleaning and decontamination processes when used for export and import. Many countries restrict the entry of wooden crates and pallets, to prevent pest infestations. Plastic pallets and crates are alternative to wood and by using them you can avoid this problem altogether.
  4. 100% clean
    All plastic products can be easily cleaned and prepared for reuse. Just one quick wash and your plastic products are as good as new! By contrast, wood pallets absorb humidity and dampness, which changes their tare weight and causes bending; they may crumble and leave behind debris such as shavings and dirt, and they contain nails and protruding chips that can damage their contents.
  5. Impermeability
    Many industries must store goods in solid sealed crates to keep out humidity, liquids, pests, and dirt. Solid plastic crates provide a perfect solution, offering excellent protection of the goods stored inside. By contrast, cardboard boxes are not resistant to humidity and cannot prevent liquids or pests from entering and damaging the goods.
  6. Durability and sturdiness
    All our plastic products are manufactured from the best available raw materials and are exceptionally durable and sturdy. This is a major advantage for shipping heavy goods as well as for reuse. Plastic products have low wear and tear, can endure extreme temperatures, are not affected by humidity and keep their contents safe at all times. Cardboard boxes, however, have low durability and high wear and tear, which means they cannot be used under extreme weather conditions. They are also not sturdy enough to handle heavy goods. When cardboard boxes are exposed to humidity, which is common in cooling and ripening rooms, they absorb moisture which weakens them and can damage their contents.
  7. Waste
    Cardboard boxes wear easily and are not usually used more than once. This means that they frequently need to be replaced, which results in accumulating cardboard waste that needs to be disposed of. Because plastic crates are designed for long-term reuse and recycling, they do not need to be replaced so frequently, which significantly reduces the amount of waste and the time-consuming hassle of disposing of it.

    Reusable plastic products have many significant advantages in comparison with both wood and cardboard products. They are the most hygienic and clean packaging solution, they eliminate waste and the continual use of resources, and finally, they can save considerable storage space, time and money.


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