Exciting News: Our EU Distribution pallets are now manufactured in Europe

Embracing our local-to-local strategy, we are excited to announce that our top circuit EU Distribution pallets are now manufactured in Europe. Starting from June 2024, our EU Distribution pallets will be injected and shipped from our facilities in Spain, where everything is settled and ready for production.



We are confident that this decision will not only fuel our growth, but support our customers activity in Europe and unlock several advantages for them.

Advantages of Local Production
  1. Faster delivery times: we expect to reduce lead times by 30-60%
  2. More customization options: local manufacturing grants us the flexibility to tailor the pallets to your specific needs
  3. Increased competitiveness: higher efficiency and lower transportation costs will make our pallets to be more competitive in the market
Know more about the EU Distribution pallets

Our EU Distribution pallets series provide several unique features for intensive logistic industries such as retail, food & beverage and pool services.  Here the key features tailored to the industry standards:

  • Dimensions: of 1200x800x150 mm.
  • Lightweight and remarkable performance: weighing 8.50 kg, these pallets support loads up to 1200 kg.


  • Space-efficient: with 50 units per stack, they occupy significantly less space compared to traditional wooden pallets (three times less).
  • Safe and easy handling: designed to provide safe and stable loads while offering optimal handling.
  • Compatible with tracking systems: suitable for integration with RFID, IoT, barcode, and other tracking technologies.
  • Multiple customization options: choose from open or closed deck configurations, safety rims, and branding options with logo and color.
multitrip nestable pallet by Plasgad
EU Distribution pallet by Plasgad


For full technical specifications, check out the datasheet here and reach out to us at [email protected] for further inquiries.


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