PLASGAD PFV618 PRO – the most modern and sustainable folding crate on the market!

Plasgad is happy to announce that our market-leading PG folding crates series, which won the WPO in 2017 has just gotten even better! The new PFV618 PRO folding crate is an all-terrain crate that supports all types of automated systems: from destackers and stackers to tunnel washers and any type of conveyor.

The new model features an improved and redesigned perimeter base that allows the crates to move along belts, rollers, and all types of conveyors. The crate’s internal surface is smooth and well ventilated, which protects the freshness of the produce and retains its quality.

To meet the stringent requirements of producers and retailers, the development team has come up with a reinforced base design and increased load capacity thanks to a slight increase of the folding profile to 29mm.  The 600x400x177 mm PFV618 PRO model can carry up to 36L / 22Kg per case.

Like the PG series, this new model has ergonomic handles on all four sides and boasts our patented active folding system to prevent injuries and facilitate handling. Stacking safety is another significant advantage offered by all Plasgad folding crates thanks to a safety perimeter along the entire top surface. This feature allows the crates to be fitted one on top of the other and lock together, creating a solid, sturdy structure.

The PFV618 PRO crate complies with all hygiene standards, sanitary requirements and food certificates.


Plasgad’s further reinforces our commitment to sustainability, environmental safety and the concept of the circular economy. Thanks to its excellent foldability, the PFV618 improve the storage and return-trip efficiency, resulting in 30% cost savings and the superior resultant environmental impact. The crates are designed to work in closed logistic loops with maximum multi-trip reuse followed by recycling at the end of their service life.

Iftah Poran, VP R&D: “The crate is IOT compliant and may be equipped with a variety of tracking options. At the same time, the crate is 100% compatible with the existing fleet of PRC crates. All this makes the new PFV618 one of the very best foldable crates in the world today!”



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