PFV Crates – the ultimate solution for fresh produce imports

Plasgad’s advanced folding crate series; the ultimate solution for lettuce imports

First exposed to the Plasgad brand at Fruit Logistica, Fresh Servant imports agricultural products to Finland. The company had been looking for a unique solution to import lettuce: A solution that could keep the produce fresh, while still saving storage space on receipt of the produce, at the end of the cycle.

As part of the collaborative work with the client we examined the five optional heights in the PFV series to determine which would be the most appropriate and efficient for the customer’s needs.

For this purpose, samples of two heights were sent, the PFV6415 and PFV6418. Beyond the need to find the appropriate height, the customer also wanted to check the quality and durability of the crates. After receiving the samples Fresh Servant expressed a high level of satisfaction. The crates were easy to operate and despite their light weight, demonstrated strength and durability. In addition, another significant advantage for the transportation phase was the smooth surface area which prevents injury to produce.

All that remained, to be certain of the crate’s suitability, was to check the height at the beginning of the harvest season. More comprehensive testing at the beginning of the season saw the lettuces directly harvested into the crates and the ideal height was established as 150 mm.

The crates were then sent to the Dutch territories. From there the complete process was carried out that included the harvesting stage, packing the produce and shipping to their destination in Finland. Indeed, the produce arrived fresh and crisp just as we expected! Furthermore, the crates advanced stacking capabilities, saving storage space at the end of use for the next cycle, proved to be an efficient and cost-effective advantage.

In conclusion, based on the requirements set forth at the beginning of the process, the experiment in the practical use stacking crates was crowned a resounding success. As a manufacturer of reusable plastic products, we are particularly proud to be able to provide the perfect solution for all parties involved. This project demonstrates the importance of an open communication channel, enabling us to understand the customer’s exact needs and ensuring that we provide the best, most appropriate and cost-effective solution.



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