Nice to meet you – Agata Allende

Nice to meet you – Brief introduction with Agatha Allende, who is in charge of Plasgad’s pooling activity in Europe and manages sales activities in the UK

Tell us a little bit about yourself, from which business you came to Plasgad, and about your initial impression of the world of reusable plastic packaging solutions.
I was born 35 years ago in northern Spain in Getxo, a beautiful town next to the sea. I study Business Administration in Bilbao and Paris. As soon as I finished studying, I moved to London, where I lived for over eight years.
Most of my past experience has been in Marketing working for a fintech company in London. I am therefore new to this industry.
My initial impression is that even though most of the market is controlled by huge poolers, there are opportunities out there for companies like Plasgad. Also, even though plastic doesn´t have a great reputation, I have learned that there are very different types of plastics and plastic packaging used in the right way, which can be a great solution saving companies money and the planet’s CO2 emissions.

What are the main challenges you detect as main challenges in your new role, and what activities will you initiate to address them in the coming years?
The UK market is very competitive. For me, it will be crucial to understand this market better, their specific needs and work closely with our distributor to support them in all possible ways. Sharing knowledge with them will also be important in order to come up with new and innovative solutions.

We are living in challenging and unexpected times, what are the advantage and disadvantages you discovered in Covid-19 time?
Covid-19 has brought a lot of uncertainty, putting the world upside down. The rise in the cost of transportation and the price of polypropylene has affected us in a negative way.
A positive aspect is that this pandemic has made society, in general, more conscious of the importance of looking after the planet and companies are looking at different ways of becoming more sustainable. Merging reusable packaging is something that many companies have prioritized.

What are the significant tools/elements that you believe will ensure growth in the areas under your responsibility?
Our folding crates are a great product and have the best folding ratio in the market, which helps save a lot of money in logistics. We have a growing number of requests for them and we believe there is a lot of potential for them in fresh food deliveries among other applications.
Regarding pallets, we are launching new products this year that will be very competitive and bring many advantages. We can´t wait to be able to show them!

Besides your work and future challenges, tell us, how do you prefer to spend your free time?
In my free time, I love spending time with my family. Having two 4- and 6-year-old kids do not leave me with a lot of time but I play tennis every week and try to see my friends as much as possible. Traveling, although I haven´t done much of it lately, is what I enjoy the most. Oh, and music! I am always singing or playing music at home.

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