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Euro Dimensions Dolly


The Euro Dimensions Dolly is a Trolley designed to move crates directly into refrigeration units. Resilient down to -30 degrees Celsius Can be used to support dough trays.
Serial Number
External Dimensions
Internal Dimensions
Serial Number: UADLY8001
External Dimensions : 622X417X175 mm 25X16X7 in
Internal Dimensions : 0X0X0 mm 0X0X0 in
Weight: 6.21 kg 13.70 lbs
Volume: 0.00 L 0.00 GAL
Units per stack
Pallet per stack IL
Units per 40HC
Units per mega truck
Units per jumbo truck
Units per 53' truck
Units truck

Ability to support up to 200kg.
Resilient at very low temperatures

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