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Container PNS7542


Nestable, 130 liter, high volume container.Exceptionally strong and durable. Suitable for internal processes and shipping by the textile, agriculture and catering industries. The ideal solution when combined with the 130 HD dolly. Virgin material approved for food use.
Serial Number
External Dimensions
Internal Dimensions
Serial Number: KI130
External Dimensions : 787X550X415 mm 31X22X16 in
Internal Dimensions : 670X460X400 mm 26X18X16 in
Weight: 4.64 kg 10.2 lbs
Volume: 130.00 L 34.30 GAL
Units per stack
Pallet per stack IL
Units per 40HC
Units per mega truck
Units per jumbo truck
Units per 53' truck
Units truck

High volume container
Exceptionally strong and durable.

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