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Crate PNV5326


Nestable crates designed explicitly for distribution and usewith conveyors and automated systems.
Serial Number
External Dimensions
Internal Dimensions
Serial Number: PI260
External Dimensions : 490X300X260 mm 19X12X10 in
Internal Dimensions : 401X226X256 mm 16X9X10 in
Weight: 1.35 kg 3.00 lbs
Volume: 29.00 L 7.70 GAL
Units per stack
Pallet per stack IL
Units per 40HC
Units per mega truck
Units per jumbo truck
Units per 53' truck
Units truck

• Optimized for distribution
• Available in various sizes
• Suited to conveyor belts and automated systems
• Tamper evident seals
• Crate sizes suited for a convenient hold
• Fitting lid – optional