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Ron Springer – Nice to meet you!

Ron Springer is the North American Regional Sales Manager for Plasgad USA. When he’s not busy pursuing new opportunities for Plasgad throughout North America, he’s at home with Teri, his wife in Wisconsin. They have three children: Stephanie, Stephen and Luke, and three grandchildren: Austin, Alyssa, and Avery. Ron’s career began with Xytec Plastics, the designer and manufacturer of the first collapsible bulk container for the automotive industry. Over his career, he has accumulated over 25 years of experience in the plastics, material handling, and container logistics industries. We met Ron for a brief chat:

As someone who has worked for years in the packaging solutions field and knows this world closely, what have you identified as the main advantages that Plasgad brings to the market?

Plasgad brings so many advantages to the market, but I believe the first is the quality of the people that make up the Plasgad family. In addition, there are innovative and unique designs seen in our product line. The numerous awards that Plasgad has received serve to substantiate this! Together these will ensure Plasgad’s place as a world leader in this industry!

What are the main challenges facing you in your new role, and what activities will you initiate to address them in the coming years?

There still seems to be a perception in the industry that Plasgad is simply a small Israeli company offering a high-quality line of products, but with limited presence in the North American market! My goal is to change this perception and to expand our presence throughout North America. We are already off to an excellent start with the launch of our fantastic redesigned website. Furthermore, our new facility in North Carolina allows us to become a major player in the North American Market.

In order to expand North America activities, exposing the Plasgad brand to potential customers, what are the main tools that you think Plasgad should focus on?

Beyond propagating knowledge about our increased ability to support the North American market, we have already put in place what is to be considered an exceptional distribution network. We have aligned ourselves with several outstanding manufacturers’ representative organizations, and are already successfully doing business with a number of large North American companies.

And to give us a more personal insight, how do like to enjoy your leisure time?

A) When you travel and you focus on business as much as I do, I find I get the most satisfaction from just hanging out with our dogs Rudy and Max, catching up with our children and grandchildren, and annoying my wife to the point where she starts offering to help me pack for my next trip!

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