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The RS Pallets Series – No need to compromise anymore

Plasgad is proud to reveal its latest innovation in the world of packaging and shipping solutions: the RS pallets series, a revolutionary solution that enables customers to save costs while providing uncompromising performance. Until today, the world of pallets had a very clear division: Lightweight pallets, suitable for export and for transporting goods in trucks, and medium/heavy weight pallets with integral skids, which are strong and durable and have the capacity for heavy-duty racking. Today, we at Plasgad are introducing a game changer solution.

The RS pallets series will revolutionize the world of pallets in general and plastic pallets in particular. Customers will no longer have to compromise by using wooden pallets to avoid the high costs associated with plastic pallets, or by opting for medium/heavyweight plastic pallets in order to comply with regulations and/or ensure hygiene. As from today, they can get an optimal solution at an affordable price.

The RS pallets are available in 1200X800 mm/48X32 inch and 1200X1000 mm/48X40 inch, with an open or closed deck. With the addition of our innovative skids these pallets have a racking capacity of up to 800 kg/1760 lbs, as opposed to regular skids that are not designed for racking. The RS family provides an excellent ratio between low self-weight and flawless performance.

In addition, the pallets are lightweight (up to 9 kg/20 lbs) and have an excellent nesting ratio which saves space during both transportation and storage, giving them a considerable advantage over wooden pallets or plastic pallets with integral skids, which take up more space and are much more expensive. The skids are provided separately and can be easily assembled at the customer’s site whenever racking is required. The pallets allow 4-way forklift entry and have a smooth bottom surface, which is perfect for use with automatic conveyors.

The pallets are available in recycled or virgin plastic and can be recycled at the end of their work cycle to help protect the environment and save costs. We are very proud of the positive impact of our solutions on the environment, and we strive to play our part in the collective effort to increase awareness of sustainability, in Israel and throughout the world.

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