Pick-up and packaging solutions for hyper-efficient logistics and process optimization.

Bins, totes, crates and boxes to help you organize, sort and store your goods in the most efficient way. Deliver on time, deliver top quality.

Fully trackable packaging, ready for the strictest supply chains and delivery control

Safe and easy to handle through the last mile

Sustainable. Reusable, durable and completely recyclable

about E-Commerce Packaging Solutions

The digital age has had a profound effect on business consumers. Today, more and more people make online purchases thanks to the accessibility and availability. Consequently, many businesses and companies are setting up e-commerce websites to increase their sales and make their products always available to customers all over the world.

Plasgad offers a wide range of solutions tailored to the e-commerce world. Our products help companies and retailers organize their logistics and storage centers in the best possible way to allow quick and efficient collection, packaging and delivery.