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The digital age has had a profound effect on business consumers. Today, more and more people make online purchases thanks to the accessibility and availability. Consequently, many businesses and companies are setting up e-commerce websites to increase their sales and make their products always available to customers all over the world.

Plasgad offers a wide range of solutions tailored to the e-commerce world. Our products help companies and retailers organize their logistics and storage centers in the best possible way to allow quick and efficient collection, packaging and delivery.

SKU: DI140

Size: 47X39X6 inch

Weight: 23.81 lbs

SKU: DI140

Size: 1200X1000X150 mm

Weight: 10.8 kg

Easy and safe to use.

SKU: FI001

Size: 20X12X8 inch

Weight: 3.1 lbs

SKU: FI001

Size: 500X306X194 mm

Weight: 1.4 kg

All-purpose open front storage bin

SKU: FI002

Size: 14X8X8 inch

Weight: 1.6 lbs

SKU: FI002

Size: 348X211X196 mm

Weight: 0.74 kg

Sort and store your way

SKU: FI003

Size: 10X6X5 inch

Weight: 0.6 lbs

SKU: FI003

Size: 244X145X128 mm

Weight: 0.28 kg

Big solution for small gems

SKU: FI004

Size: 7X4X3 inch

Weight: 0.3 lbs

SKU: FI004

Size: 169X97X80 mm

Weight: 0.13 kg

Sort, pick and pack your way

SKU: FI005

Size: 4X4X2 inch

Weight: 0.1 lbs

SKU: FI005

Size: 101X99X50 mm

Weight: 0.05 kg

Mini storage maximized

SKU: FI095

Size: 24X20X16 inch

Weight: 9 lbs

SKU: FI095

Size: 605X500X400 mm

Weight: 4.1 kg

Create your ideal picking area, no shelves needed

SKU: FI201

Size: 17X12X8 inch

Weight: 2.2 lbs

SKU: FI201

Size: 418X295X206 mm

Weight: 1 kg

To fit your every need

SKU: FI400

Size: 28X17X12 inch

Weight: 7.1 lbs

SKU: FI400

Size: 705X441X300 mm

Weight: 3.2 kg

Store with style
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