Advanced, hygienic and safe solutions for pharmaceutical distributors and producers.

Our packaging solutions are adjusted to each country’s specific quality regulations and adapted to their mode of use requirements.

Hygienic, safe and protective. Humidity, pest, dust and dirt proof

Suitable to run on any automated line and smart warehouse

Integrated with tracking and monitoring technology


about Pharma Packaging Solutions

The pharmaceutical industry must follow strict safety standards to ensure the quality of products. Plasgad is committed to preserve the quality of our customers’ products, and its solutions for this industry meet the requirements of the strictest standards.

To ensure the safety of goods, we provide sealed crates that minimize the penetration of humidity, pests, dust and dirt.

Customers from the pharmaceutical industry have been relying on our products year after year. Our products can be easily cleaned and are designed for reuse. They are manufactured from the best raw materials, using advanced manufacturing processes to ensure safety, durability and uncompromising quality. The crates may be equipped with barcode stickers, so that each crate has its own unique ID and ca be tracked throughout the process of collection and distribution.