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Packaging & transport solutions
to deliver your goods at their best.

Active in the USA for over 10 years, Plasgad packaging, storage and transportation solutions have enabled companies to efficiently and conveniently ship their products throughout the United States and all over the world. Made in the USA, at the Statesville, North Carolina production site, our broad portfolio of products help preserve both the quality of shipped products and the environment. Plasgad US customers are assured of the best price point, for a superior solution from a company that prides itself on excellent customer service.

This is what we do

Plasgad develops and manufactures reusable packaging, storage and transportation solutions for varying customer needs. Our cutting-edge solutions are among the most advanced in the world and are fully tailored to the unique requirements of our customers. Plasgad R&D team takes into account the parameters of the packaged produce and the packaging, transportation and storage processes. You tell us what you need. We define the requirements and develop the precise solution custom tailored for your needs, which is then speedily delivered to your site.

Solutions for all industries

Plasgad provides solutions to many types of industries and commercial markets: from agriculture, food & beverage, through airlines, maritime and tourist companies, pharmaceuticals, textiles, e-commerce companies and the DIY market. We help our customers get their products anywhere across the globe. At any given moment there are thousands of shipments crisscrossing the globe using Plasgad’s packaging, storage and transportation solutions.

Here’s how we protect the environment

Our products are here to stay. We produce solutions designed for reuse and recycling. We are proud to lead the trend that makes plastic solutions the best alternative for the environment.

Our values – your profit

Creativity – our relentless innovation ensures that our customers always get the most innovative value-added solutions.

Respect and trust – We treat all our partners: customers, suppliers, employees, owners with respect, fairness and transparency. Shared goals equals shared success.

Partnership – The most creative solutions are achieved through cooperation. You tell us what you need, we design the custom optimal solution.

Commitment – We are committed to the highest quality products and solutions and consistently excellent service.

Expertise – We strive to always lead the way! Our clients deserve excellent service, ongoing R&D development, consistent innovation.

The Plasgad DNA

Plasgad was established in 1982. The company has a production site in the United States, Plasgad USA LLC and two production sites in Israel.

The company’s worldwide sales and distribution network spans more than 30 countries, providing solutions to thousands of companies.

The company’s headquarters are in Israel, with three subsidiaries in the United States, Spain and Germany.

Plasgad adheres to international environmental protection, employment safety and health standards.

The company is certified to the following standards: Quality Management (at all levels of the organization) – ISO 9001: 2008; Environmental Management – ISO 14001; Workplace Health and Safety management – OHSAS 18001.

From the day of its establishment to this day, Plasgad has preserved its unique DNA. This makes all the difference in the world!

At Plasgad, we are committed above all else to uncompromising quality, reliability, full transparency and excellent service. That is what creates the real added value for our customers.

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