Ventilated Plastic Crates

Food-safe ventilated plastic crates and trays
Strong, durable, easy to clean, ideal for outdoor use and perfect for cold room storage.

A great packaging and shipping solution for agricultural produce, providing maximum ventilation and care.

Choose the best option for your produce

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Crate PNV6416

Easy breezy crate

Eurocrate 40

A very strong crate

Eurocrate 50

Optimal ventilation vital for preserving agricultural produce.

Ventilated crate 1/2

A very strong, ventilated crate

Ventilated crate 1/3

A very strong, ventilated crate

Mushrooms crate PSV5314m

Breeze Crate

Super light, disposable crate designed for shipping unripe fruit by sea (it also has other uses).

Ventilated dates crate

Designed for a large number of work cycles

Ventilated milk crate

Ventilated stackable milk crate

Ventilated field crate

Ventilated plastic field crate for agricultural produce

Fish stack & nest crate

Let's go fishing!

PNV 6410 Picker crate

No.1 crate for ease breeze and freeze

about our Ventilated Plastic Crates

The ventilated wall crates are perfect for storing agricultural produce in refrigeration rooms and excellent for ripening processes. Plasgad’s line of ventilated plastic crates is a long-term investment because of its strong and extremely durable nature.

The ventilated wall crates line provides maximum ventilation and is an ideal solution for the packaging and shipping of agricultural produce. The plastic vented crates are light-weight and can be easily washed and cleaned when used therefore very convenient for work in the fields.

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