Plasgad Europe, a subsidiary of Plasgad Plastic Products, serves and supplies the entire European continent. From our production facilities and warehouses in Valencia and thanks to our extensive network of European partners, we provide sustainable and reusable solutions to all markets.

The commercial and strategic direction is centralised in the north of Spain, and the main production and warehousing is located on the Levantine coast, conveniently located near the port of Valencia.

Our team consists of 6 young and enthusiastic people, led by Joxe Indo, Director of Plasgad Europe. We are characterised by dedication and commitment to our customers and distributors, whose satisfaction is our number 1 priority. This characteristic permeates our entire organisation and way of working.

Our partners

We are proud to have many excellent partners throughout the continent, with whom we maintain a relationship based on trust, respect and continuous communication. This formula has allowed us to forge satisfactory and long-lasting relationships. We enjoy working as a team, collaborating, supporting projects and, in short, growing together. We look for win-win and long-lasting relationships.

Who We Are

"Thinking, Doing, Making, Creating"
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Joxe Indo

Sales Director – Europe

"Change your thoughts and you change your world"
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Jon Nerecan

Sales Manager – North Europe

"Live and let live, treat as you want to be treated, respect to be respected. Take care of those who take care of you"
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Bittor Gil

Sales Manager – Europe

"Ain’t no country far enough to keep me from surfing its waves, tasting its food and listening its melodies"
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Patricia Marquiegui

Europe Marketing & BD Manager

"The future is guided by what we have lived in the past; everything happens for a reason. The small pleasures of everyday life give me life"
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Ana Yeregui

Customer Service Manager – Iberia

"You win or you learn"
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Laura Tena

Customer Service – Europe

What Moves Us?

The environment

The entire Plasgad Europe team is closely connected to nature and its care. We are particularly concerned about the negative impact that our actions, and those around us, can have on the environment and, precisely for this reason, we strongly believe in the positive contribution of our developments to the industry. All our products are designed to support our customers' circular economy and encourage change in those who still use disposable packaging.

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We love challenges, new projects and special operations that lead us to incredible solutions. Our R&D team is specialised in developing tailor-made solutions for a wide range of customers

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Customer care

We are a team where quality, in its broadest concept, permeates all company activities, from developing bespoke solutions to our customers’ needs through production to service and follow-up