Lightweight Plastic Pallets

Air freight and export pallets
Compact, conveniently nestable and particularly well-suited for air shipping.
An outstanding space saving solution, designed to meet any export and shipping need while saving storage and shipping costs.

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About our Lightweight Plastic Pallets

Our lightweight pallets have all the the most important logistical advantages: they are compact, convenient and environmentally friendly. These pallets have excellent space saving ratio, providing significant storage and shipping savings. The Light Logistics line is especially suitable for shipping of exporting goods due to a very attractive price-performance ratio. These pallets are suitable for marine export, trucking and air transportation. The advantage of these pallets becomes especially clear during air transportations thanks to their light weight, their angled feet and their compliance with aviation safety requirements. The pallets are available in virgin or recycled versions and, despite their light weight, are highly durable providing optimal goods protection. All pallets come with optional snap-on skids, an advantage that extends the pallets potential applications

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