Safe packaging for “Farm-to-Table” and “Farm-to-Shelf” processes. Specially adapted to the type of produce and environmental conditions.

Reliable shipping and packaging solutions, customized to the specific features and circumstances of each type of produce.

Food-safe, resistant to UV radiation and extreme temperature changes

Circular. Easy to clean, store and reuse in every season

Protective; ensure quality and reduce rejects


About our Agriculture Industry

From the field to the shelf, agricultural produce undergoes various processes that require quality shipping and packaging solutions to be tailored for each type of produce. Plasgad has been providing solutions for the agricultural industry for over 30 years. By using advanced technologies and the highest quality raw materials, we can offer solutions that preserve the quality of agricultural produce, are resistant to extreme temperatures and can be easily cleaned and reused.

Our products include a wide range of crates and pallets designed to ship agricultural produce, both for distribution in local markets and for air or maritime freight.