Plasgad’s Quality, Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health Management Policy

Plasgad’s company policy is to act towards business and economic prosperity while ensuring employee health and safety, the prevention of environmental pollution, physical injury and compromised health, while providing customers with quality products with the aim of meeting the company’s business objectives.

  1. Excellence and constant improvement of the quality, environmental and safety management systems are among the company’s cornerstones, and in order to achieve the above, the company institutes controlled processes, work methods and tools. The company develops and implements advanced technologies operated by skilled employees.
  2. The company undertakes to comply with the law and the other applicable requirements it has undertaken in respect to its products and services and in respect to the areas of quality, safety and environment.
  3. The company encourages its employees to offer suggestions and ideas regarding improvement of the quality, environment and safely in various fields and endeavors to expand its employees’ awareness to these issues via training and information.
  4. In order to meet its objectives, the company supervises its operations in accordance with set work instructions, methods, procedures and standards and customer and stakeholders’ requirements.
  5. The company’s management is committed to protecting the environment though the prudent use of resources and the improvement of environmental performance.
  6. This policy provides a framework for setting quality, environmental and safety objectives; for the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases and health and safety management, while taking laws, regulations, customer requirements and other requirements into consideration.

CEO of Plasgad,
Ofer Karmon