INFOAGRO EXHIBITION 2019 – A colorful and festive agricultural fair

Written by Patricia Marquiegui
Marketing & Business Development – Iberia

The Infoagro Exhibition represents the business epicenter for agricultural producers. Every biennial, the three-day exhibition takes place in Almería (Spain), the most important region for agricultural producers in Europe. The fair is focused on intensive fruit and vegetable production and gathers together the leading players on the European agricultural stage.
This year, for the first time, Plasgad decided to participate as an exhibitor at this major event, taking the opportunity to present our most relevant packaging solutions for agriculture.
Plasgad’s portfolio has been enriched by several plastic crates and pallets, developed overtime to satisfy the unique requirements of the agricultural industry. An exclusive selection of these products was made that could present reusable, sustainable and cost-efficient transport solutions to the industry. Particularly relevant were our foldable crates, nestable pallets, and stack&nest containers.


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