Nice to meet you – Marina Lipnack

Especially, on the occasion of Women’s Day, we wanted to share with you an interview with our new Director of Sales in the US region, Marina Lipnack.
Marina brings with her extensive experience in the plastic industry and we wanted to hear her insights on how she sees the reusable plastic packaging industry and what are her main challenges for the future.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, from which business you came to Plasgad, and what is your perception regarding the world of reusable plastic packaging solutions.

I always like to begin with my personal background – I am a proud mother to 2 wonderful daughters. Jessica (32 years old) who is about to graduate from medical school in El Paso, TX, in May 2023. She is a new mother to my sweet 7-month-old grandson, Aiden. And wife to Alex, an attorney who served in the US JAG core up until a year ago. My second daughter is Liad (19-year-old), who is currently in a pre-military program in Israel. She took a gap year prior to joining the Israel Defense Forces in September 2023.
Prior to joining Plasgad, I have extensive experience in the plastics industry, working for Israel’s top exporters of consumer and DIY products. I worked in the North American market, US and Canada, for a few decades, in various sales executive level positions.
My perception regarding the world of reusable plastic packaging solutions is of a great owe to Plasgad’s commitment to the environment. The use of recyclable materials together with designing and developing solutions for reuse of plastic pallets, folding crates and containers; serves the clear commitment of Plasgad to sustainability. I am proud to be part of a company that is focusing on initiatives to better the environment!

From your experience, is the plastic industry a more challenging environment for women? What tips do you have for women who want to succeed in this industry?

From my personal experience, I did not find a challenging environment for women in the plastic industry. I was always treated the same as any male counterpart and never faced discrimination based on my gender. I do believe I earned similar level salaries and was offered promotion opportunities based on my professionalism and certainly not my gender. Obviously, as a woman and a mother, there is a price you pay in order to be successful. My girls grew up with a mom who traveled internationally 3 weeks out of a month at times. The toll is on the family and relationships. My tips for women are, be who you are and what makes you fulfilled and happy. If you are lucky to have an understanding and supportive partner you can be successful in your industry while raising happy kids who learn from you that they can reach any height by hard work. Both my girls are highly independent and leaders in their respective status. I am sure that seeing their mom being a successful executive led them to become who they are – one is almost a doctor and the other one is about to join the army in a highly regarded unit!

What are the main challenges you detect as main challenges in your new role, and what activities will you initiate to address them in the coming years?
The main challenges I find in my new role is getting to know the industry and players. I am looking forward to exhibiting at the ProMat show later this month. As I am hoping to have the opportunity to meet many of our current customers as well as potential ones and learn firsthand of their needs while providing them with relevant solutions. I hope to learn about the industry, and walking the show, while searching for new opportunities to expand our footprint in the US market. In the coming years I would like Plasgad USA to become the go-to partner in reusable plastic packaging solutions in the US market. I would like to initiate cooperation with the largest retailers and companies that can enjoy the cost reduction benefit while contributing to the environment. Such activities will be based on the mutually beneficial long-term relationship which is the core of our success.

We live in a dynamic, unpredictable time, what are the advantages and disadvantages that you recognize that this situation brings with it?
As we are currently emerging from one of the most dynamic, unpredictable times in history, COVID 19, I believe that we have learned that changes need to be fluid. And that we must adjust ourselves and find solutions to deal with the unknown. As an eternal optimist, I believe that we can always find the advantage to any situation. In the case of COVID, as sales personnel could not travel, ZOOM had emerged into our lives, and became a permanent solution even nowadays when travel is unrestricted. Some industries flourished during the pandemic, as they were able to evolve continuously. I believe that in our industry we can overcome most situations while always keeping open and honest discussions with our partners – customers and suppliers. And always remember that unpredictable times do come to an end!

What are the significant tools/elements that you believe will ensure growth in the areas under your responsibility?
The elements that will ensure growth are consistent quality and the development of new products. Having the right quality products that Plasgad has been known to develop and produce, together with developing long-term relationships with our partners in the industry will certainly ensure growth.

What can visitors to the Plasgad booth expect at Promat 2023 fair?
Visitors to our Plasgad booth at the Promat 2023 show will meet a professional sales team who is eager to present top-quality plastic pallets, folding crates, and containers. We will be launching new products that were designed based on decades of experience and expertise.

Besides your work and future challenges, tell us, how do you prefer to spend your free time?
I prefer to spend my free time with my loved ones. I can’t wait to have both my daughters and grandson visit me in Charlotte next month. So that we can celebrate Passover together for the first time in years!


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