Even while your products are in transit…Your branding keeps on working.

We offer our customers the opportunity to put their own business branding on crates and pallets, so that branding continuity is maintained throughout the cycle – from the factory to the end client. Shipping and handling can be a long and complicated process, with multiple stages and across continents. We invite you to harness this very process to promote your brand. To stand out and be recognizable. How do we do it? We give you the opportunity to emboss your company logo and other information on shipping products.


Using a quick and simple procedure, we create a mold with an engraving of your logo. The logo will appear on the surface of the crate or pallet, in the same color as the product itself. Besides the logo itself, we can also emboss additional information about your company, lists of dates, product ownership and other information intended for internal use. It’s simple and easy to do.

Hot stamping

This method allows us to create a prominent logo or caption that is visible from a great distance, by producing a personalized printing plate with your logo or caption. We insert a ribbon with a colored dye between the product and the plate. The raised parts of the heated plate transfer the dye and imprint it onto the surface of the product. The result is a high-quality, eye-catching imprint on the surface of the crate or pallet, which is available in a range of colors.

Digital hot stamping

As opposed to plate hot stamping, this process involves digital printing. We load a digital artwork of your logo or caption, the artwork is printed on a ribbon and a hot press imprints it onto the product. This process gives you a wide choice of colors, and because printing is done digitally, we can change the artwork from one crate to the next, useful for adding crate numbering and for other purposes.

In Mould Labeling‏ (IML)

With this technology we can add a very large, colorful artwork to the surface of the product, offering exceptionally high visibility. This is achieved by placing a label with the artwork in the product’s mold before injecting the plastic. The label is affixed to the walls of the mold, and can be customized according to the product’s size and the desired shape. It can be customized to fit even the largest molds. Your artwork is printed on the label in advance, so it will appear on the surface of the product. During the injection process, the melted raw material fills the mold, blends in with the label and freezes inside the mold. Once blended into the product, the label cannot be separated or peeled out, providing high-quality integrated branding. We use this technique on Carlsberg beer crates.

Silk (or screen) printing

In this technique, ink is embedded onto the product using a unique net stretched across a hard frame, which is placed on the wall of the product. The net functions as a “mold”, and can be used with a combination of colors. The end result is a product adorned with the desired branding, which remains resistant to different weather conditions, blows and scratches throughout the product’s lifetime. We use this technique on Goldstar beer crates.

Laser printing

This is a modern, cheap solution, suitable for crates intended for single or short-term use and for DIY products supplied to the points of sale and requiring a barcode.


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