Due to the extraordinary situation, we are experiencing with COVID19, we have interviewed Pedro Javier Perez, Plant Manager at Productos Florida. The company, better known for its brands Señor Pollo and Pico de Oro, produces and sells chicken meat in Spain.
After a brief and mandatory conversation about the current situation, we talked about the matter that concerns us; how and why they are using Plasgad’s .

In which processes do you use the Distribution pallet?
We use it internally in our production lines. We use the pallets in the quartering, processing, and packaging of the meat products as well as on the expedition to our customers and all our delegations around the south of the country. However, for the expeditions to big retailers, we have to use the packaging that our customers demand.

What advantages or benefits does the pallet give you?
It is a very resistant and durable pallet. Before starting to use it, we run several resistance tests and the pallet impressed us in a very good way. In fact, one of the tests consisted of throwing the pallet from 20 meters height to see what will happen and the pallet was barely damaged, we can even say that it came out intact.

What type of pallet were you using before?
We were also using plastic and nestable pallets, but they were not as resistant as the Distribution and the handling was not as safe.

Has the Distribution brought you any upgrade?
Yes, apart from the resistance and durability of the pallet that I mentioned, people feel more comfortable working with this pallet. Workers feel safer because crates fit better, they move less, and therefore, the load remains secure. The measure of our crates is a bit smaller than 40cm, it is usually around 38-39cm and with the regular pallet safety rims, crates are unsteady. The distribution pallet, however, has a special safety rim for crates that stays 1 cm inside and around all the pallet deck. This helps us a lot to secure the load and avoid crates being “loose”.

So, which would you remark as the main advantage?
Mainly its resistance and durability, although features like the special safety rim for crates also give us a higher value.

Productos Florida consumes the open deck version of the euro size 120x80cm Distribution Pallets series. It is a nestable pallet designed to perform multiple cycles in a closed circuit where the pallet can be recovered and reused as many times as needed, being able to perform around 100-200 trips depending on its use. This pallet series is also available with closed deck and iso size measure 120x100cm.



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