Acorn East is the first expansion of Oak Paper Products Co. on the east coast. Founded in 2013, over two years were spent researching the South Florida market seeking a suitable partner to form this new venture. In January 2015 Acorn East acquired Aviation Express Inc. of Miami, Florida. Aviation Express had been a leader in the Miami air cargo and freight forwarding industry by selling quality products at a competitive price. Aviation Express will remain a division of Acorn East and will continue to be one of the most reputable distributors in South Florida.
we have interviewed Robert McReynolds, Chief Operating Officer at Acorn East.

  • In which processes do you use the 107 & Distribution pallet?
    We use the pallets when shipping less than container loads by air or ocean freight. With air freight weight is everything. The difference between 11 lbs for the 107 pallet and 40 to 50 lbs for a wood pallet can be hundreds of dollars per pallet. For an ocean freight shipment, if the destination country can’t confirm the wood pallets are properly treated for insects, they may burn the entire shipment on their dock (including your product) to make sure there are no invasive pests hiding in the wood.
  • What advantages and benefits do the pallets provide?
    The lightweight of the 107 is a huge cost saving compared to shipping on a wooden pallet. Also since the pallets are plastic there is no need to worry about heat-treating the pallets for ocean freight. There’s also the safety factor, the lightweight is easier to handle and there are no splinters or nails to injure our staff. A worker’s comp incident is always costly and often removes a key employee from the floor for a while.
  • What type of pallets were you previously using?
    Like everyone else outdated heavy wood pallets increased cost shipping cost, took up space, and required we make sure the heat treating was within the limited effectiveness window before shipping.
  • Can you explain how the pallets upgraded your work in any way?
    The nesting function of the pallets is a huge space saver. In Miami where warehouse space comes at a premium being able to store what would be a truckload worth of pallets in 5 pallet positions is a big plus. Also, the reduction in staff being hurt and an increase in their productivity, because they are lifting and moving less weight, has made a big difference to our company.
  • So, which would you say is the main advantage?
    This is a tough one, the pallets are superior to wood in almost every way but when it comes to reporting to my ownership the saving in freight cost will have to take number 1.

Distribution pallet 


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