An American multinational corporation that manufactures and markets paper-based consumer personal care products and surgical & medical instruments to more than 175 countries around the world.

The mission is: To deliver Better Care for a Better World, so they truly understand their responsibility for making a positive contribution to the world’s wellbeing. Their sustainable practices help keep our planet healthy and ensure their business’s legacy is a positive one.

The company constantly innovates their products and processes and to help this innovation, the company’s Israeli subsidiary asked Plasgad to develop a new pallet that could replace the entire fleet of their wooden pallets.

The challenge

Develop a reusable plastic pallet, however simply matching the performance of the current pallets was not enough: the new pallet would be required to provide better durability, easier handling, higher degree of compatibility to their advanced logistics systems and, to top it all up, to be more environmentally-friendly, of course!

The Solution

Our R&D team designed a custom pallet. We’ve worked in close cooperation with the client’s product teams to process the exact operational requirements and parameters. The result was the PG1090, a 1200×100 logistic pallet, specifically created for complex logistic systems. Some of the features of this new pallet are:

  • Highly-suited for conveyors and automated systems
  • Offers maximum strength and uncompromising safety
  • Reusable, very robust and durable ideal for multiple work-cycles
  • Fully recyclable at the end of its long-life cycle
  • Boasts multiple configuration options: open or close deck, anti-slip “gems” and stripes, metal reinforcements, 3 safety rims configurations to choose from and multiple tracking options

The Result

The advanced design and the high-quality build materials used by Plasgad helped create the perfect solution for the precise need. The PG1090, injected in green color, to match its environmental friendliness, exceeds the defined operational requirements and, at the same time, supports the environmental sustainability.


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