Large tub - KI060


Maxi volume multi purpose

Kg/mm Lbs/in


Colour, logo and tracking with IoT, RFID or barcodes.


Large volume tub with solid walls. It is completely nestable, allowing more efficient storage and reverse logistics. A multipurpose container that can be used and reused over several work cycles and recycled at the end of its long life. Widely used in construction and general industry. KI070 Nestable high volume container, up to 70L. Exceptionally strong and durable, it can be equipped with bail arms or a lid to make it stackable. Suitable for internal use and movement when combined with the 70 HD dolly. Ideal for the storage and shipment of textile products and bulk agricultural produce.

Units per pallet:
Units per 40HC:
Units per Mega Truck:
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