This year at Fruit Attraction, we will be presenting several innovations and novelties. Besides our wide range of foldable crates, shipping and logistic pallets, this is a bit of what you will find:

Our most expected pallet development; our new PG1080 pallet, a precision-designed solution for logistics systems. It is strong, efficient, and effective, but the feature that makes this pallet a one-of-a-kind solution is that its skids can be replaced. When used after multiple cycles, if the skids get damaged, our customers will be able to replace only the skids instead of the whole pallet. We remark this ability to be the greatest advantage for our customers’ cost-effectiveness and sustainability goals. However, Plasgad’s pallets are well known to be the most unbreakable on the market thanks to the most advanced materials they are made of.

Due to the reusability and durability over hundreds of work cycles, we believe the PG1080 to be the perfect alternative to wooden pallets when looking for a superior cost/benefit ratio.

View the PG1080 pallet video
View the PG1080 pallet video

Additionally, you will also meet the most modern and sustainable folding crate on the market, the new PFV618 PRO. A crate ready to work on any automated systems: from destackers and stackers to tunnel washers and any type of conveyor belt or roller.

Visit us at booth 10F27, Hall 10, and let us surprise you with one more innovative product that we have not mentioned yet. We are looking forward to meeting you!




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