Plasgad will join the Macfrut exhibition

Plasgad will join the MacFrut exhibition for the first time and present its reusable packaging solutions for fruits and vegetables.
FreshPlaza Magazine caught up with Patricia Marquiegui, Europe Marketing Manager, for a short interview to learn more about Plasgad and its innovative and recyclable solutions.

Can you tell us a little bit about your company’s history and structure?

Plasgad was established in 1982. The company has two production sites in Israel and an additional production site in the United States, Plasgad USA LLC.
We have a worldwide sales & distribution network that spans more than 30 countries, providing solutions to thousands of companies.
Plasgad Europe
We are a subsidiary of Plasgad Plastic Products, from where we supply products to the entire European continent from our production facilities and warehouses in Valencia. Through our extensive network of European partners, we provide sustainable and reusable solutions to all markets.

What are your company’s main areas of expertise?
We develop smart reusable, and recyclable packaging solutions for a variety of specific storage and shipping needs.
We power cost-effective and sustainable storage and transportation of all kinds of goods internationally.
Our company’s core value is that the product design must always bring something special to our customers, to let them save warehouse space, optimize transportation and handling costs, etc. We are always looking for those extra bits of logistic excellence.

Can you share some of such recent innovations?
Of course! We have recently developed the most modern and sustainable folding crate on the market, PFV618 PRO. It is an all-terrain crate, so it’s ideal for any export and distribution workflow. It supports all types of automated systems: destackers, stackers, tunnel washers, all types of conveyors…
Another example would be our recently launched logistics series pallets: PG1090 (120x100cm) and PG1080 (120x80cm), these are really great for field use and come with a broad range of customization options to fit any racking system or automated warehouse.

What sort of feedback do you get from your clients in the fruit and vegetable sector?
Growers are definitely among our most demanding customers. Growers need safe and reliable shipping and packaging solutions and they need those solutions to be adaptable to their specific needs, to the type of their produce and to processes they use., Ultimately, the solution must preserve the highest quality, meet all the food safety standards and minimize the volume of rejects from their customers. That is the key to success.

How many markets do you export to?
We are strong believers in trust, respect, and continuous communication. This has allowed us to forge satisfactory and long-lasting relationships with our partners over the years.. Thanks to them, we export worldwide. It’s a classic win-win!

Plasgad at Wellocks

What are some of the more challenging logistics issues today?
The market is constantly changing, the international freight costs have been rising over the last year. Adapting to the uncertainty of the market, finding optimal routes, reliable partners and efficient packaging is really crucial to maintain healthy profit margins. We believe that circular-economy IoT-enabled solutions are already absolutely essential in today’s and tomorrow’s packaging and logistics.

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