A decade of successful cooperation between Plasgad and Wellocks

Wellocks, a leading wholesaler of the high-end agricultural produce in the UK, has chosen Plasgad’s PFV6422 foldable crate for delivering superior agricultural produce to UK’s finest restaurants.

The PFV6422 foldable crates were chosen by Wellocks because of its superior protective features and because of its efficiency. The crates are great for storage and preserving the products’ top quality thanks to their combination of the expanded storage capacity and the smooth ventilated internal walls. The crates are highly efficient boasting a superb storage volume / folded dimensions ratio as well as cross‑ stacking ability for optimal palletization when loaded with goods. The PFV6422 is also a very efficient crate when used in closed “use-wash-reuse” loops: easy to wash, suitable for washing tunnels and fully recyclable. Wellocks’s PFV6422 crates are also equipped with tracking barcode stickers, that ensure that each crate reaches its intended destination safely.

A long-term relationship

Joxe Indo, General Manager of Plasgad Europe says: “At Plasgad we always say: shared goals, shared success. We are committed to finding the optimal solutions for our customers while supporting their circular economy and protecting the planet. We believe in sustainability and we encourage the change from disposable packaging to smart and reusable solutions. Our partnership with Wellocks defines the way we work and we couldn’t be any prouder of the results. Long-term collaborative relationships are what we seek and work for every day, a shared journey that is meant to last as much as our products.”

Andrew Parker, Head of Day Warehouse & Production at Wellocks, says: “we have a great relationship with Plasgad because they have a unique product – their crates are great for storage, they are sustainable, and also very breathable which is great for keeping our products quality. It’s also great from an efficiency point of view because they are collapsible and can be stacked. These crates allow us to reduce the amount of cardboard and other single-use packaging materials. We can reuse these crates, wash them, reuse them again in an ongoing cycle. At the end of their work life the crates get recycled and made into a new crate again. It’s great from a sustainability point of view”.

He adds: “The chefs love them because they are hardwearing and there is no disposable packaging around the kitchen to get rid of. Very convenient for the end user”.

About Wellocks

Wellocks are proud to supply the finest chefs in the UK with the finest of ingredients, with full coverage across the country.  They are dedicated to sourcing the most exceptional ingredients, taking pride and care in delivering the very best quality and flavor every single time. They inspire and support chefs to create amazing dishes by providing them exclusive access to their network of independent growers and producers of fine ingredients ranging from the everyday staples to exotics.

Foldable crates for Wellocks fresh produce deliveries
Plasgad’s foldable crates at Wellocks warehouse during the pciking process.





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