Caja systems chose the PG series

Caja Systems was founded based on a deep understanding of the world of manual warehouses and an appreciation for the increasing need for intelligent automated systems in advanced warehouse management. As e-commerce gains momentum, along with the demand for streamlined processes in the B2B world, there is an increasing need for innovative, cost-effective thinking. In response, Caja Systems offers the ultimate solution: Autonomous robotic systems adapted for any application, from manual to computerized working environments undergoing system upgrades. System management is performed via cloud technology. This offers a significant advantage that enables customers maximum flexibility and full support as and when needed, such as during high pressure periods, or unexpected high-volume situations.

Ilan Kalfon, Plasgad Sales Manager, recognized the potential of the collaboration and understood that Plasgad’s packaging solutions could be the perfect fit for Caja’s working methods. The first connection was made with Caja’s Purchasing Manager Eyal Mizrachi, who had liked the system and envisioned Plasgad’s solution as playing a critical role in the systems manufactured by Caja. The initial partnership between the companies was established following the need to present the system at an international exhibition. The engineering department was presented with several options that could work in line with the robots. A foldable crate from the PG series crate was selected at the end of this process. The PG family offers a crate with innovative design and is available in five different heights. The products many advantages include: Advanced patented international locking mechanism, ergonomic handles, smooth surfaces that protect content and a high folding ratio for space saving. The folding crate was considered the optimal choice due to the significant on-the-spot savings. The crates were presented as part of an automated system at an advanced logistics solutions exhibition held annually in China. The merger of crates and robots proved of great interest to the exhibition visitors. They enjoyed an impressive display of the robots’ capabilities in combination with the crates’ functionality for ease-of-use in the work cycle.

According to Eyal Mizrahi, Caja’s Purchasing Manager: “We were very satisfied with the product both in terms of quality and design. The crates attracted a great deal of attention during the exhibition and had a very positive effect of the booth. We are currently testing the crates in our Logistics Warehouses for work quality and cohesion with our robots. In addition, we were very happy with the fast and efficient service we received from the Plasgad team throughout the process, from defining our needs to the rapid response and on-time delivery in a very short time-frame.”

Ilan Kalfon added, “Thanks to the advanced technology and creative solutions, it is now possible to reinvent solutions, even in less familiar areas. Companies identify systems, like those produced by Caja, as being synonymous with efficiency and savings, and here I see Plasgad fitting in. I believe this field will expand, and companies on a wider scale will assimilate such systems. I have met remarkable and talented people at Caja Systems and I have no doubt that they will succeed. “

Our crate during an exhibition in China in the service of automatic warehouses

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