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Magnum Pro 70L

AAMP75001 | 24X16X16
Crate PNS6440 rigid crate, with integral wings enabling optimal nesting capabilities and very significant savings on shipping and storage costs. The crate also has a designated area for attaching stickers and optional locking and crate open indication mechanisms. Designed for multiple reuses  with automatic storage systems and conveyors. After adding a logo and a tracking barcode, this crate is ideal for use in automated tracking systems.
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• Optimized nesting capacity • Wings take up less space when nested • Nestable – reduces freight costs and storage • Long-life reusable container • Integral lids for strength and security • Tamper evident seals • Optional locking features • Reinforced flat base suitable for automation • RFID/IML (optional) • Designated surface area for labeling • Optimized for archiving

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