7 trends that will shape the reusable market

Returnable packaging prevents packaging waste to landfills and promotes sustainability. increasing adoption of Sustainable packaging solutions by end users is gaining significant momentum in combination with other factors.
Here are the 7 trends that will shape the reusable market in the coming years.


  • Increased investments in automated warehouses and logistic hubs accelerate demand for reusable packaging solutions (Automation logistics containers / heavy-duty pallets)
  • Growing demand for pooling services due to the possibility of receiving various services directly from the pooler is fueling the growth of the reusable market


  • Rising consumer awareness regarding the negative impacts of non-biodegradable materials is a key factor in fueling the growth of the reusable and recyclable packaging market
  • Returnable packaging improves brand image as Consumers think of companies as environmentally responsible


  • The online retail market is expected to continue growing rapidly. Consumers are increasingly buying more goods online. This creates a growing demand for packaging solutions that can safely ship goods through more complex distribution channels



  • Advanced technology stimulates demand for components like RFID labels, smart tags, and other IoT technologies combined in packaging, to enable data and information regarding goods, better monitoring of distribution, protection against counterfeit goods, and more


  • Increasing government emphasis on lowering the usage of single-use packaging and enhancing recycling
  • The EU released its new Circular Economy Action Plan on March 11, 2020. The plan sets measurable targets to transition to a more sustainable and circular economy by 2030.


  • Due to the fluctuating prices of raw materials, companies are showing an increased preference for reusable packaging and transportation solutions
  • Returnable packaging manufacturers are increasingly opting for recycled resins to increase sustainability.


  • Concern about the environmental impact of products is an established fact. End-user industries are therefore increasingly shifting to sustainable packaging products that reduce their footprint
  • Huge companies, such as Unilever, Nestle, and others are incorporating reusability in packaging on account of growing concerns over plastic waste

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